Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spanish Dune Fan Film -- CANCELLED

Terrible news, in August a trailer of a fan developed, not-for-profit Dune video was uploaded on to Youtube. Several days later, Frank Herbert's estate forced the group to take down the trailer, and end the production. The implications of this are staggering.

First, the eight hour production was done by 150 Spanish Dune fans, many of whom were studying film at a college level. It was done as a labor of love, without any benefits whatsoever such as profit. The team hadn't even finished the film, hadn't even uploaded the film to Youtube, just the trailer. And for the trailer, it was pulled. The project is effectively done for, as the group no longer has the will to complete the project.

Second, this means any potential fan films for Dune are doomed if the Herbert estate continues its belligerant response to fans. They have given no response to why. In light of the thousands of Star Trek, and Star War fan films available on line, yet Paramount and George Lucas do not threaten legal action unless they are pulled. Why is this? Fan films by definition are created for the love of the series, and as mentioned before, without making money off the production. They are considered fair use of the series. And they have a self supporting nature: the more fans make fan films, they more they want to read/watch the series, which means fans spend more money on the series. Star Trek knows this, the power of Star Trek fans has always been impressive, from the lettering writing campaign to rename the first Space Shuttle Enterprise, to the conventions. At the end of the day, if you let the obsessed fans do what they want, it means more profits.

But even more importantly, we must realize that as fans of Dune, we have rights. We do not have to listen to Herbert Properties, LLC. We must speak up, protest, and act as our fandom dictates. In light of these, and other reasons, I imploy you readers to sign the petition linked below. We must encourage any and all Dune fan films. I encourage the Spanish Dune fans to continue to making their Dune fans, legal threat or no. Reject the commercialism and capitalism of the Dune series that threatens Dune's inherent beauty and meaning.

Ya hya Chouhada!


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